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Electro-Mark Mini

Electro-Mark Mini

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The Electro-Mark Mini is a starter Electro Etching machine, that is foot switch activated so if you forget to turn it off it won’t cause a fire! This is an everything to get you started Putting you BRAND on your Work! Your work needs to be known!

Kit includes

1-Electro-Mark Mini Machine

1-foot switch

1-clip cord

1-3oz bottle of etching solution 

1-pack of Q-TIPS 

25- your logo stencils.
****These are simplistic design logos, if your logo is intricate, it may not be possible to make them that small. These are roughly 1/2”x1/2” designs.**** 

when ordering send your order number and your makers mark ton my email 

don’t have a makers mark? Need one? Send me an email and we will gladly design your Brand for you!


****Note All Orders Ship On Fridays only****


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